A celebration of Uruguay in Ottawa


This weekend (Sunday, July 23), the people of the Capital Region were treated to a cultural and culinary trip to the country of Uruguay.   It was an all-day affair at Ottawa’s renowned Horticulture Building, hosted by the Embassy of Uruguay.

The event showcased the many tastes of the South American country.  The Uruguayan parrilla (Uruguayan BBQ for the uninitiated) was a huge hit with the locals.  Not to mention, the wine sampling and the olive oil tasting, which also drew large crowds.

The day’s event were skillfully presided over by Ambassador Martin Vidal Delgado, who worked the crowds, and the parrilla, often at the same time.

The program of the day ranged from a soccer clinic by the Ottawa Fury FC,  a book presentation from acclaimed Uruguayan author, Marciano Durán, and a special performance by Toronto’s La Magia Candombe  (a dance troupe specialising in the drums-based rhythms of Uruguayan Candombe).

A special thanks went out to Trilce Gervaz, the embassy’s Chargé d’Affaires for coordinating the entire event.

Ambassador Martin Vidal Delgado
wine tasting


Trilce Gervaz, Charge d’Affaires


La Magia Candombe

story/photos by david kovacs


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